Join us at our POP FOREVER concert and celebrate the music of our modern day POP superstars.

Sing along to your favourite Little Mix songs, dance to Doja Cats famous Tik Tok music trends and party to the music of other pop stars like Ariana Grande, Olivia Rodrigo and Jojo Siwa ALL LIVE!

Be involved in dance competitions, prize opportunities and a meet and greet with our very own POP FOREVER CAST!

Sing Sweet melodys and Break Free into a concert like no other! Hold the Drama and do as we say so adults grab your Drivers License because you and your family DO NOT want to miss out on this POP FOREVER experience!

Suitable for all ages whether your 6 or 106, if you love POP and are looking for a fun, energetic and non stop vibes to brighten your day then POP FOREVER is where the POP party is at!


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