Snow White will be spectacularly brought to life with an abundance of slapstick comedy, sensational song and dance numbers, fabulous costumes and stunning scenery.

Throw in a magical mirror, the magnificent seven and plenty of audience participation with East Grinstead favourites Kevin Gauntlett as Dame Nursie and Callum Donnelly as Muddles, and you have the perfect recipe to outwit the Wicked Queen and let love prevail in this glittering festive treat for all ages.

With generous discounts for groups as well as concessions, book your tickets today, or you won’t be able to look yourself in the mirror!

Thursday 14th December at 1pm is a Relaxed Performance

Chequer Mead offers a ‘relaxed performance’ each year during our exciting pantomime run.  A relaxed performance is the same performance we always give, however, we adapt this particular show to suit people who might require a more relaxed environment when going to the theatre.  Usually, adults or children with learning difficulties, autism or sensory communication disorders benefit from this sort of show, but the performance is open to anyone.

During this special performance, we leave the houselights up, and reduce loud sudden noises and remove all flashing lights as well as pyrotechnics and other special effects that could cause some theatre-goers to be uncomfortable.  In scenes which could cause anxiety, such as the pantomime baddie being evil, we will tone these down and our cast will introduce themselves before the show commences.

Chequer Mead offer a ‘break-out’ room for the duration of the show, which our audience are welcome to come and go from if they need time to relax away from the auditorium. In this room we provide comfy seating such as bean bags and a selection of toys for smaller visitors.

Sunday 17th December at 10 am is The Quiet Show

The Quiet Show is similar to a relaxed performance. The idea is to create a more informal theatre setting for young children and adults who would prefer a performance that is more relaxed show.  Although it is not designed for those with special sensory needs, it may suit them.

During The Quiet Show:

– The houselights stay on at a low level throughout
– We refrain from using really loud sound effects and the overall volume is slightly reduced
– The cast still use the auditorium aisles during certain parts of the performance
– Pyrotechnics are not used
– Smoke effects are still used

We welcome anyone and everyone to this performance



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