Chequer Mead opened in November 1996 and we’ve been providing popular entertainment and arts facilities ever since.

Over the years, Chequer Mead Theatre has become a vibrant hub of cultural activity in East Grinstead. We host an enormous variety of professional and amateur productions, attracting both local talent within our community, as well as touring companies. The theatre also offers educational programs and workshops throughout the year, as well as supporting many of the local schools who perform their annual shows at the theatre.

Outside Chequer Mead in 2019

In 1994, East Grinstead Town Council commissioned the build of Chequer Mead Theatre, on the site of the previous Chequer Mead School. The original building was refurbished and forms part of the front-of-house areas, as well as studio spaces that are used by local groups and businesses throughout the week. The main auditorium and Coffee shop were new additions to the original structure, allowing specific technical requirements to be met. The popular garden space sits where the original playground was and can still be found, if digging deep enough!